men in black 3

I watched Men in Black III on Wednesday and seeing as it was a sequel, I had my reservations but because Will Smith was in it, I thought that it cannot be that bad. And I was right, it was quite good actually and Josh Brolin did a great job playing a young Kay, they were literally the same person, it was uncanny. The storyline is basically about a villain called Boris who was imprisoned by Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) ┬áin the 60’s, that villain escapes prison and goes back in time to when he was imprisoned to kill Kay. Will Smith’s character, Jay now also has to go back in time to stop Boris from killing Kay. There is also quite a twist at the end of the story which kind of completes the story of Agent Jay and Agent Kay’s partnership. The movie is also not one of those sequels where you need to have watched the first and second instalments. If like me, you’re a big Will Smith fan, then don’t miss it.