looks of the week

I have three looks for this week, it was a good week.


First up is Boity Thulo, she wore this androgynous outfit to the GQ Best dressed awards for 2013. I love the wild hair too.


Second look was worn by Kim Kardashian in a Dolce & Gabbana white lace crop top and pencil skirt.


The third look was worn by Solange Knwoles in a Phillip Lim perforated blouse and pants, Kotur clutch and Saint Laurent heels.

glamspiration: purple lippie

purple lippie

purple lippie

solange covers brooklyn mag

Solange Knowles has successfully carved a name for herself in both the fashion and music industry and is no longer just known as “Beyonce’s little sister”. Her fashion sense and indie music has garnered her a following of her own. Despite being from Houston, Texas it seems like Brooklyn, New York is finally embracing her as one of their own, She spoke to the local magazine about moving to NYC and being a single mom.

Solange on her decision to move to New York City for Julez’s sake: 

“You know, my parents are here, my sister is here, my cousin is here, all my friends are here. We really wanted Julez to have the experience that we had growing up—being able to drop in on his aunt’s house and being able to hang out with Grandma and see our friends and have that experience of actually having a soccer game and having family show up. It’s such a beautiful feeling, but also having that village is a necessary reality so that I’m able to pursue my passion both outside of motherhood and outside of my career.”

On her connection to the city:

“I’m still a newcomer here, but I feel like because my family moved to New York when I was 17, that I have a longer and deeper connection. And I think about the times when I would come and visit them, and I would always spend a lot of time in Brooklyn. So it feels like an extension of me, living here, because I spent so much time here before.”

On how she manages being a single working mom: 

“Is definitely a balancing act, and it is not at all easy. I do the best I can, which involves a lot of saying no to things, actually, and a lot of really organized scheduling and a lot of help, to be honest. That was one of our major incentives to moving here. We were living in LA and I was writing and recording this album literally between the hours of 9am and 3pm every day because that was the time that Julez was in school. We were completely isolated, we didn’t have any family or long-term friends there, and we didn’t have that support system built-in there that we have in New York.”

solange-knowles-by-io-george-tillett-for-brooklyn-magazine-summer-2013-3 solange-knowles-by-io-george-tillett-for-brooklyn-magazine-summer-2013-2 solange-knowles-by-io-george-tillett-for-brooklyn-magazine-summer-2013-1 solange-knowles-by-io-george-tillett-for-brooklyn-magazine-summer-2013