a good samaritan

Last week I spent most of my time in Centurion at Nandi’s place and I didn’t go to work on Wednesday and Thursday so I was there most of the day. On Wednesday we were searching in open velds, bridges and nearby rivers. Maprem, Siphe and I were in my car and we made a stop at a bridge around Buccleuch, we got out the car and proceeded to get as close as we possibly could to the water whilst shouting Nandi’s name. A guy who was driving past I think saw us park the car and walk towards the bridge and he stopped and asked us if we needed help. Maprem explained to him why we were there and he decided to also park his car and join us. He actually managed to get further than we could at the bridge and helped us do a proper search and sadly Nandi was not there. As we were walking back we gave him more details and sent him the “please help find Nandi” picture with the phone number details and he said that he would help spread the word. Later on in the day we checked his Facebook page and he had posted the picture of Nandi. His name is Jimmy Grant Monareng, a good Samaritan, if you meet him give that man a Bell’s!!

PS – Please continue to keep Nandi in your prayers, were are now in week 2 since she has been missing, the investigation is still ongoing with the police. Thanks. below are pics of Nandi on her birtday in 2010, she went bungee jumping.