19 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi, ever since Khanyo forwarded me your blog link my days iat the office have never been dull. This is really beautiful work. I feel like you are sharing your intimate with us all 🙂

  2. Phumelele….what can I say?I”m filled with pride as I go through your blog.I keep asking myself….”Do I really know Phume?”And then I think of your cute contagious laugh, and I know you laughing now cuz Im laughing as well.Oh Phume!You were always different.You are blessed with a beautiful rare talent,many people have tried blogging and writing but it never works.I am so proud of you. I also feel very important now because your cousin/half sister got married @ Protea Hotel Umfolozi River, and thats where my hubby and I will be saying our I Do in a weeks time. WOW. *proud moment*

  3. Hello there, i’ve been reading your blog everyday of my life since I’ve followed it via email, you can as well follow mine http://karabomatome.wordpress.com . I need your help, I wanna know how do I put a video on the post like you did on Nonhle Thema’s Nandos ad and Justin’s Beauty and a beat?

  4. I’ve seen all the beautiful things that a friend of mine forwards to us as goirlfriends almost everyday, and always wondered where she gets them from. Thanks to you.

  5. Hi Khosi

    i trust you well my Sister…that other blog strory you mailed about the Zulugirl Go @Jozi, the Author will be interwied now on metro fm…Pls tune in Sistaz..

    love Joy

  6. Hi

    Ever since my friend told me about this blog, EVERY chance I get am reading I cant believe how fast I can read, every chapter just gets even more interesting to read. THIS BLOG as become my new best friend.

  7. your post showed on my wordpress reader and I swore I just had to follow. the mere fact that you are a dj makes me even more eager to follow your blog. I am so into fashion and it seems you are too. BIG UP MAKHOSAZANE!!!

  8. Hi phume! i love your blog very much it is so inspiring because i also love fashion and stlyle so keep up the good job sisi!

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