My full name is Phumelele, everyone calls me Phume. I was born and bred in KZN, I moved to Johannesburg in 2007. My second name is Makhosazane, hence the name of the blog and it means princess, the first girl.

Makhosazane is a South African fashion and lifestyle blog and it’s all about glamour, inspiration and style.

I am the Almighty’s Soldier, SuperWife, Amateur Photographer, Fashion Blogger, Bookworm, Beyonce Stan & DJ Ndayo’s No. 1 fan.




27 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Makhosazane
    What a lovely blog you have going here, I was introduced to it by a friend a year ago and I have
    been an addict to this day. Your blogs and fashion items are current and relevant. I was wondering
    if perhaps you could give me your email address, there is something i would love to discuss with
    you. Mine is theglampalace@gmail.com

    Kind Regards

  2. WOW! Totally in love with your blog:)Young and gifted is all I have to say to you!It’s so refreshing to see a young sista producing content that’s empowering but also enteraining!Would love to meet you one day but until that day comes and God knows it will come, I’ll continue to get inspiration to be all I have been brought on this earth to be through the pages of your blog.Shine Makhosazana shine!

  3. wow…lovely blog Makhosazane, I was instantly drawn by the interface and how great the images contrast with the background…I’m loving the content and am now following your blog…I’m at htttp://callmegomo.wordpress.com/ warm regards!

  4. hmmmm….I saw the blog ku Facebook ,and the first thing that I saw was my name lol,and I was surprised when I saw the blog..well getting into this blog just blowed me away.i like it,keep it up bitso wami.

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