Black is the new Black

black is the new black1

As part of our thesis submission, we have to do an activation where we take the findings from our research and bring them to life via a creative activation. My research was about two of my passions, fashion blogging and the progression of black women in South Africa so I looked into diversity within South African fashion blogs and if they cater to black women.

I will attempt to break down my 10 000 word research paper into a mere paragraph. I found that black women have been economically emancipated in South Africa and love fashion but diversity in the fashion industry is an ongoing issue and not just in terms of race but in terms of shape and size as well and this subconsciously filters down to the blogosphere. Fashion blogs though do have the potential to narrow the gap in terms of diversity and make fashion more inclusive and accessible. So back to my creative activation I came up with the concept called “Black is the new Black” and I executed it by doing a photo shoot on a black background of powerful, emerging black women (I asked my friends) dressed in black. Their clothes faded into the background to symbolise how despite the fact that they can afford, buy and wear expensive clothes, the fashion industry doesn’t really cater or pay much attention to them. The bright lipstick is meant to symbolise that they want to be heard and my activation will be presented in the form of a magazine. So I created a magazine and used the pictures from the photo shoot, took me a few days and below are a few pages from the magazine.

mag cover3 siphe responses1 Siphe lungi responses1 lungi phume responses1 phume londi responses1 londi ladies


I would love to know what you guys think about my topic and the concept, there’s no right or wrong answer, your opinions and views contribute a different perspective to the research. You can comment here or email me


One thought on “Black is the new Black

  1. Congratulations. This is amazing work that you have put together. I really love the concept “Black is the new Black.” I am really excited about what you have done with your blog and I am even more impressed about how you have used the thesis to generate more knowledge about our first true love “Shopping” and “Style”


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