grazia sa

Last week I bought the launch issue of the new fashion & news magazine Grazia for R89 at the exclusive Books in Nelson Mandela Square, I was shocked because this magazine was going to be a weekly so it would mean spending R356 a month which would be a subscription for a year for other magazines. I asked the guy at the till twice f the price was correct and he reassured  me that it was. I walked out of the store and I just wasn’t convinced and I kept complaining to my husband so he went back to the store and asked them to check the price again. They called the manager and after checking it they realised that te magazine was actually R20 and that they had the wrong price on their system. So I got a refund and paid R20 for the magazine. I bought my second issue this week and am enjoying it more than the first. It’s similiar to Heat Magazine but more premium. Grazia SA is the 20th edition internationally and the first in Africa. Go out and get your issue now and let me know what you think 😉


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