santam vs nando’s

So the Santam and Nando’s ads have been the source of most discussions this week. Santam did an ad first with the objective of paying attention to detail, where the waiter changed his clothing four times and if you were watching the ad for the first time, you would have barely noticed it. Nando’s then did an ad mocking the Santam ad where both the waiter and the food changed outfits a few times. Santam responded to Nando’s ad with a challenge for them to deliver Nando’s chicken to the Johannesburg Children’s Home by 4pm today. Nando’s has responded that they will give the children a meal a month for a year and also said that it was nice to have fun with other brands. I love the sense fo humour that both companies have adopted in this whole debacle and at the end of the day it has been for the benefit of the Johannesburg Children’s Home, what a happy ending 🙂




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