hooked on the hunger games

I first heard about The Hunger Games from my friend and colleague Colin a few months ago, he had read all three books and raved about how awesome the story was. I immediately went and bought the first book (I am still loyal to paperbacks, haven’t gone digital yet, I’m struggling to let go) and it has been sitting on my bedside table for the last few months gathering dust and about a week and a half ago I picked it up and started reading it and I havent been able to stop.

The story is based in the future about a new country called Panem and is led by the main city called Capitol. There are 12 districts outside of Capitol and every year they have the Hunger Games which consist of a boy and a girl from each districts (24 contestants). The boy and girl are chosen via a random draw and they have to be between the ages of 12-18 years old. The Hunger Games are sort of like a reality show and are based in Capitol and the 24 contestants are placed in an arena and have to kill each other off. The winner is granted food, house and riches for the rest of their lives and because all the districts are poor, this prize is life-changing. The lead is 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen and she volunteers to go to the Hunger Games when her 12-year-old sister’s name is drawn for her district and this is basically where the plot thickens. The book has some pretty gruesome parts, a bit of romance and some action for the guys, overall its a story that stays with you, I found it gripping.

I am a pretty fast reader, one of those people who finish a book in a day or two but I found it quite challenging to find the time to read and was constantly carrying the book around with me in case I got a free moment, that’s how addictive it is! The story is split it into three books and I am currently reading the second one. The first movie of the trilogy is also out at the cinema’s and I cant wait to watch it this week, look out for my blog about it. If you are looking for a riveting read, try The Hunger Games.


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