I finally watched Material yesterday and I was so excited because it is a proudly South African movie. The movie is amazing, I was thoroughly impressed by the production of the movie, the acting, the music, the comedy everything was just world-class and on point. I know that Riaad Moosa is a doctor turned comedian but he is also a really good actor and Joey Rasdien not only surprised me but he also outdid himself. I loved getting insight into the muslim culture and the politics that occur and also to just learn how heavily family orientated they are. The comedy was as funny as expected, there were a few times when the whole cinema was laughing out loud. This movie made me proud to be a SAffer 😉

new surname woes

On the 1st of March I went to home affairs in Randburg to apply for my new ID and get a printed copy of our marriage certificate and it all took me 30 minutes to do and I was so impressed by their efficiency. Last week Tuesday I received a sms that my new ID was ready for collection and I picked it up on Thursday. Now that I had my new ID with my surname and our marriage certificate I could start changing my surname for all my service providers. My expectations were that I would be able to do most of them online on their websites and then scan my documents to them, this was not the case. My medical aid, policies and insurance companies all requested a scan of the documents and we completed everything over the phone. The bank, cellphone networks and clothing accounts all required for me to go to their stores or branches with my documents, fill out forms, they make copies ugh what a mission! So in the past two days I have traipsed around to all these places with documents in hand, stood in queues, waited for copies to be made, filled out forms, basically all the things that make me wonder why we have technology if we’re not going to use it 😦

I cannot believe that every woman has to go through this when they get married, all the single  and engaged ladies you have been warned. The ideal process would everything to change as soon as the change is made at home affairs but alas this is Africa after all..