handbag essentials

I am so tired of ladies asking me for lip stuff, in fact this has happened to me so many times that I keep lip balm in my bag that I never use specifically for those people.  The thing is I have no idea where your lips have been or what they have been doing and as much as you may think that it’s ok for us to share my lovely tube of lip-gloss, I don’t. There are handbag essentials that every woman should have in her bag and they are:

Lip-gloss/Lip Balm/ Lip Stuff – even if it means carrying a small tub of Vaseline if you do not like lip gloss/balm or cannot afford it, it will do especially in winter because our lips get very dry very quickly. Cracked, dry, ashy lips are a no-no hence why lip stuff is so essential in your bag and your man will love kissing your soft lips.

Hand Cream –  we ladies are always going to the loo and we always wash our hands before we leave so they are bound to get dry at some point in your day and that’s why hand cream is essential so wherever you are you will never have dry, ashy hands. It can also double up as moisturizer if you forget to moisturize your arms, legs, feet in the morning and no one would be the wiser.

Nail Kit – these come in so handy when you break a nail or even some other random thing, just make sure that it’s not in your bag when you’re checking in at the airport because they will take the scissors and sometimes even the file.

Sanitary pad/tampon – your period has started at work or whilst you’re travelling,  you will always  need an emergency pad or tampon to be in your bag. I go to gym and I run as well but I sometimes take a two-week break and just relax and my period timing will change so depending on your body/cycle sometimes it will come when you least expect it and having the emergency pad/tampon will save you some anxiety and running around asking other ladies for their emergency stash.

Tissue – Just to be clear when I say tissue, I am not referring to toilet paper rolled up and stuffed in your bag. I am referring to facial tissues that come in packs of 10. Mine have come in handy when you’re out somewhere and you need to pee (especially at concerts and clubs) and they have no toilet paper, you will be so happy to have this tissue in your bag, believe me!

Gum – you’ve had that tuna/garlic- filled lunch, you WILL need gum afterwards. At other times your mouth just needs some refreshment.


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