drizzy Drake

Drake recently did a cover shoot for GQ magazine, now I am not a Drake fan  in terms of his looks but I must admit that he definitely does look super dapper in these pictures. In the interview he talks about his relationship with his father who split from his mother when he was 5 years old. He also talks about his four-year journey to becoming a hip hop superstar and the challenges he faces since becoming so famous. You can read the full interview on http://www.gq.com/style/gq-100/201204/drake-interview-gq-april-2012.

before your guests arrive..

My friends and I used to host each other at one another’s houses every month and it used to such an anxiety-inducing task to prepare the food, ensure that the house is clean and to just be a damned good host. Sbu Mpungose (the editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine SA) posted a few hosting tips on her Facebook page a few days ago and I wanted to share them with you guys, I also added my own on top of hers, I hope they help you the next time you have to host people.

1. Be ready too. Welcoming your guests in a gown/ a curry-stained Tee/pantihosed hair is an epic fail in hosting. Put as much effort in self presentation as you would in your dishes.
2. Hide your hard work. You slaved over six pots of stew to put out your fab lunch – no need for guests to know that. An open plan kitchen exposes s your dirty dishes. Clean up all your counters, and wash or neatly pile up all dishes in the sink.
3. Be detailed in your prep. Glasses should be washed and rinsed at least an hour before guests arrive. Serving welcome drinks in just-washed-with-liquid-soap drinks ware is a no. Check that all kitchen towels are clean – nothing says ‘dirty host’ than nasty dish cloths

4. Toilets must be clean. At some points your guests will want to use your bathroom so you need to ensure that it is clean and if you don’t have a guest loo you also need to remove all your underwear because no one wants to see that. Always ensure that there is adequate toilet paper, a lovely fragranced hand wash and a clean towel for them to dry their hands with.

5. Try to ensure that everyone enjoys your food. If you’re hosting a small group of guests and you’re only cooking one dish, always check with your guests if they have any specific foods that they do not eat so that no one is forced to eat food that they do not like and end up not enjoying your meal.

6. Offer a variety of dishes for larger groups.  If you’re hosting a large group of people, it’s very difficult to check who doesn’t eat what so rather have three or four options of different types of mains for people to choose from in order to eliminate any issues.

7. Keep things simple. Large centre pieces make it difficult for people to converse. Short candles or a small vase of flowers will do.