good start for B*

There is no doubt that 2011 was an awesome year for our girl B*, Bonang Matheba and it seems like 2012 is already going in the same direction. If you have not bought the latest issue of Glamour Magazine then and you’re a fan of Bonang, then you better hurry and get yourself a copy. Bonang is going to be part of the Glamour Magazine family for the next few months and she will occupy a DPS where she will be sharing her style tips, trends, the things she loves and the things she hates. I am a fan of Bonang and enjoyed her piece, I can’t wait to see more.

Bonang has also released her PR pictures for 2012, I love the one where she’s wearing the rusty gold head-piece, other than that I think she could have done better with the other pics, they just seem to be missing our B’s usual touch and spark.

too big to fail

This movie was released in 2011 and I watched it this past weekend on DStv and it was such an eye-opener. If you really want to understand how the 2008 recession played out then you have to watch this movie. It features the CEO’s from all the major investment banks and the meetings they had as to how they would resolve the issue, how the British snubbed them, the government’s involvement and the simple revelation that some things were not regulated, it is all there. I PVR’d the movie so I kept rewinding just to be clear on certain points because some of them were just shocking. The name of the movie Too big to fail is a play on words of how the US bigwigs thought that giving people mortgage’s that they could not afford because all the risk lay with insurance companies like AIG, who assumed that property would never go down and they were making so much money that it was simply “too big to fail”. But it did and the amount of debt that these companies were in range in the trillions, which is something that simple old me just cannot fathom, it is an insightful movie and is currently on DStv movie channels, highly recommended!