sarafina – the morning prayer

I got goosebumps whilst watching this clip, it takes me back to when I was a child and I idolised the character of Sarafina. My dad had taken me and my brothers to the cinema¬† (or bioscope, I can’t remember)¬†to watch the movie Sarafina¬†when it was released¬†but the movie was never screened because riots erupted just before it started¬†and my dad had to grab all three of us and run out of there, we sat in the car for about two or three hours before we could drive home because we had to wait for the chaos to die down, it was very scary. I think I was about five years old. A few months later the movie was¬†finally¬†on TV and I watched it with my mom because she wanted to explain to me why some of the things were happening and what it meant. I loved the movie, Leleti¬†Kumalo¬†and Whoopi¬†Goldberg were my heroines and I knew all the songs from the movie because my dad had the CD (yes he had the CD not the cassette) and I remember because he played it for most of the way on one of our holiday road trips to Cape Town. This specific scene that I found on YouTube is the morning prayer scene and it is one that a lot of people remember and loved, we used to do the choreography in the streets of the township. It’s also heart warming to see the young Leleti, Somizi¬†Mhlongo, Wendy Mseleku¬†and Khanyo, they were so passionate, enjoy!