not-so-corporate cut

I work for an international blue-chip company and as any other big corporate we have dress code rules. For example we’re not allowed to wear jeans to work except on Fridays, we’re not allowed to wear vests (males & females), no short short dresses etc. My colleague who sits behind me (we have open plan offices) came to work today with the below hair cut. Apparently his friend who is a barber thought it would be cool to cut his hair in this hair style, he’s visibly very upset about it but I think it’s hilarious (I told him too). He’s going to shave all of his hair off either tomorrow or on the weekend. I just wanted to share because I thought it was funny..

kardashian christmas cards

I found these old Kardashian Christmas cards on Khloe’s blog and they are a great reflection of how the family has evolved as they have become more famous and of course wealthier. Some of the earlier cards even include Bruce Jenner’s other children. Enjoy!