the patisserie

The Patisserie is a cute little, French tea room in Illovo opposite the Thrupps Centre. By little I literally mean little, it can probably seat about 20 people at a time but I never have to wait for a table when I go there. Their decor is reminiscent of my childhood days playing with dolls and dollhouses, you will feel like you are in a storybook. The reason why I keep going back there is because they serve the best homemade lemonade that I have ever tasted, I am even attempting making it at home so that I can get a daily dose of it. Like Wolves which is down the road they also serve the most delicious red velvet cupcakes and they have a wider selection of pastries. Their menu is relatively healthy and so are their portions, my fiance had to have the “I am a grown man” conversation with our waiter after receiving his small portion steak pie, which left me in fits of giggles. They are open for breakfast and lunch and not in the evenings unfortunately, they are the perfect place for a lunch date with one or two of your girlfriends. I had one of their macaroons today, scrumptious!

tying an african head scarf

After having my hair did this morning and going shopping for my doek which everyone insists is necessary despite my fabulous looking hair, I sat in front of the mirror for over an hour trying to figure out how to tie it and still have my hair visible. This is quite a feat. After much frustration, I headed to google for some assistance and found some of the below.

this will hide all of my hair, I am not too keen on it.. and my outfit is smart casual this makes it look rural


this is a no-no, I did not even attempt it, it is meant for bad hair days, period.


i tried this and so far is one of the better looks but I want to have some hair showing in the front and not hide my hairline..


nicole richie inspired me to play around with my head scarf with glamour as top of mind 🙂

Post the event I will let you know what I eventually went with but it really is disappointing to have such fabulous hair and not be able to show it off, so bummed!