dear hairdessers, dressmakers etc.

I have found myself many a time wishing that my hairdresser for once would just listen to my opinions instead of assuming that she knows exactly what I want, haven’t you? I am currently experiencing an incident involving a dressmaker who did not consult with me on certain aspects of my outfit and went ahead and finished the whole outfit before I was able to see it and when I did, it was not what I had in mind but she was convinced it was perfect. Normally I would avoid a confrontation and accept what has been done wrong and spend more money getting it fixed elsewhere but I just had to put my foot down this time and I complained.

The dressmaker responded that because she had already made the full dress, I would have to pay an incremental cost for her to create another one and I refused to pay anything because she had not consulted me. She then agreed to redo my dress for free. And mind you she only has 2 weeks to redo it because she waited until the last minute.

I honestly believe that people in these professions need to be trained on the skill of listening as well as proper customer service as this would eliminate many an irate client. I would think that after 27 years of having my hair done, I have a good idea of what suits my face as well as what I like and for someone to not even consider what I say and to just do their own thing is sooo frustrating especially because I paid for it. Sometimes in my state of anger I console myself by excusing their short-term thinking and actions as the reason why they are even in this profession and could not amount to anything more. It’s mean yes but when you have paid for a service and didn’t get it as desired, thinking like this is very comforting.