shadow of your wings

The place where this song takes me to every time I listen to it reminds me of my varsity church days, I used to sing in the choir and sometimes during our Friday evening practices there would be a song that would leave us spiritually high and we would all sing and pray together in a sort of freestyle manner, I felt so close to God. It is called In the Shadow and sung by Ntokozo Mbambo from Joyous Celebration.


I was taking stock of our getting married process this morning after our ngqibamasondo this past weekend and I realized that we had successfully done three of our wedding events in one year (lobola, umembeso and ngqibamasondo) which is pretty amazing considering that we still managed to have lives without being too heavily financially strapped. When I look back on it financially though, I have no idea how we did it because getting married is unbelievably expensive and this is also especially depending on the two families involved, they can either blow things out of proportion or ensure that you can still afford to buy bread and milk afterwards. The support that we have received though has been overwhelming and there have also been a few disappointment which comes with the territory with these types of events. Thabani and I have lots of friends and sometimes you tend to focus on the wrong people but events like these remind you of who your real friends are. I am super organised but unfortunately some things are beyond mine and Thabani’s control and this is when our friends have stepped in and lightened the load. I must admit though that we have also been to our fair share of weddings and traditional events in the last three years and we would not have expected any less from some of them 🙂

The ngqibamasondo went very well this past weekend, the families continued to strengthen the bond between them and of course our lovely friends were there to support us. The dress drama was well worth it as well because everyone loved it and my shoes were the icing on the cake, I am in love with them!!

This past weekend we also found out that two of our married couple friends are pregnant and both are expecting their second child, which is so exciting and also means more baby showers and kiddies birthday parties to attend *sigh*. Another couple are relocating to Dubai with their six-year-old daughter, we are over the moon with happiness for them, no other two people deserve any better. I love it when wonderful things are happening in our friends lives because not only are there enough blessings to go around but everybody is progressing positively. Love and Light 🙂