I can’t seem to be able to hear this song enough times, as my fiance would say it must be very commercial if I love it so much. I am not sure if it’s the bongo-sounding like drums in the background or Zahara’s voice but it’s a lovely song. Heard rumours from reliable sources that Zahara is Sbu’s ticket out of his financial issues, he was really struggling of late and he even had to sell his cars. Apparently he was struggling to get gigs as well because he had not released an album  in a while and was not considered as relevant.  That’s Jozi for you, we see these people in and around town and they seem to be living the good life whereas they really aren’t and for those of us who work in corporate companies we hire them for corporate events and this when you are exposed to how some of them really are struggling to make ends meet. Lengoma is definitely going to be an ear-sore by the time December hits!

londi’s wedding

After months and months of planning and scrutinizing of every single supplier and detail, Londi’s wedding day finally arrived. Being the maid of honour was so stressful because whenever things went wrong, the bride was depending on me to make it right. This involved a lot of running in heels plus I had to give a speech which I wrote the morning of the day of the wedding and somehow I survived it all. I don’t think I can do this again soon, only time will tell though seeing as so many of my friends are getting married and having babies, it really is exciting times for me right now.  Anyways, we had so much fun and took tons of pictures, here are some that were on my camera.

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thinking of you

Every time I hear this song, I start bobbing my head and singing along, it’s so catchy and is one of those rare, refreshing collaborations that is released. Pity about the drama about Theo not acknowledging Zonke as a writer/producer of the song in his album sleeve and Zonke not being featured in the video but it seems like they have buried the hatchet and all is well now.

PS – Eda Rose (Kenny Kunene’s shag buddy) is also featured in the video as one of the girls jumping around on the bed, this girl is really lusting for fame..