beyonce is preggers

Yesterday I woke up to the news that Beyonce was pregnant, I love Beyonce so naturally I was very excited for her and Jay-Z. I was watching the “Watch the Throne” short documentary of the recording process for Kanye and Jay-Z, Beyonce is in most of the scenes and her and Jay-Z seem to very close and in love. I was actually worried that she would sacrifice having a family for a while to continue pursuing her career and am very glad that she’s making both of it work. Beyonce is also sending out a very positive message to all young girls by getting married and then having children which rarely happens these days. I love the way she chose to reveal her pregnancy as it was on her terms and not leaked by the media, it was also a genuinely special moment.

And to all those people who do not understand why we are making such a big deal of this, if you don’t care so much then you shouldn’t have the time to even mention that you don’t. #justsaying


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