trey songz joburg concert

First of all I must mention that I did not realise that Trey Songz’s fans were so young, I am not a fan, I just went to the concert because my fiance is a music fanatic. There were so many high school kids there, I felt so old, some even came with parents as chaperones and as you can imagine finding parking was not a schlep either because the parents dropped some of them off.

Bonang was the host of the show and she was in her element as usual, say what you want but the girl is talented. Teargas performed and they had me on my feet, singing along and dancing. They also had surprise guest appearances by Zion from Liquid Deep to perform “I was born for this” and L-Tido to perform “We’re Rollin”. The sound was the only thing that let them down and one of the mics was not working so they had to keep swapping. After their performance The Repertoires came on stage and they also had me on my feet, their dance performance was engaging and well rehearsed, those boys are really good. I also loved the fact that I could recognise them now as individuals. Zakes Bantwini then took the stage and he was on fire, his dance moves really are unique, he’s such an entertainer.

It didn’t take long for Trey Songz to come on after that which was great because we usually wait a while for the headline act. That boy is gorgeous and he knows it, he was really pulling out all the stops in terms of charm, the girl next to me was crying!! I was mostly impressed by his voice, it sounded perfect song after song, he is so talented vocally. I noticed that he doesn’t dance, he just sang throughout his performance but it wasn’t boring either. I thoroughly enjoyed it, more than I thought I would actually and I am so glad I went.

salvation cafe

The fiance and I love these quirky restaurants with mismatched chairs and rustic ambiance so for our anniversary, he took me to one called Salvation Cafe, it’s on 44 Stanley in Braamfontein. I love hot chocolate and I have discovered that there are so many different ways of it being served in restaurants. At Salvation Cafe I was served a tall cup with a serving of a thick chocolate paste and warm milk. The milk wasn’t too hot so my hot chocolate ended up being warm but I just loved the concept and would go back to the restaurant just for that. I also love red velvet cake, it’s my favourite and theirs unfortunately did not meet the standard and neither did their lemonade. I would recommend their burgers, it was delicious and the relaxed vibe, it’s perfect for a lunch in summer.

beyonce is preggers

Yesterday I woke up to the news that Beyonce was pregnant, I love Beyonce so naturally I was very excited for her and Jay-Z. I was watching the “Watch the Throne” short documentary of the recording process for Kanye and Jay-Z, Beyonce is in most of the scenes and her and Jay-Z seem to very close and in love. I was actually worried that she would sacrifice having a family for a while to continue pursuing her career and am very glad that she’s making both of it work. Beyonce is also sending out a very positive message to all young girls by getting married and then having children which rarely happens these days. I love the way she chose to reveal her pregnancy as it was on her terms and not leaked by the media, it was also a genuinely special moment.

And to all those people who do not understand why we are making such a big deal of this, if you don’t care so much then you shouldn’t have the time to even mention that you don’t. #justsaying