road rage.. the evil in everyone

I was driving to work this morning and I was distracted by an argument that I had had with my fiance before leaving for work about me going to work and the gym whilst sick. I was at a T-junction, the robot was green and I was turning right but when it was my turn to make the turn the robot was orange and I rarely slow down when the robot is orange so I proceeded to make the turn and the robot turned red when my car was in the middle of the road and green for the oncoming traffic. The white lady in the front of the oncoming traffic, yes the WHITE lady, shook her head at me and started hooting for dear life. Please note that I was still making my turn and afterwards I would not have been blocking her in any way whatsoever and making the turn was going to take a mere 10 seconds and clearly she just couldn’t wait that long. I looked at her as she started hooting and mouthed “what?” as in “what is your problem?”, she continued to shake her head at me and I decided to take my time making my turn. I then felt one of my hands leave the steering wheel and my fingers forming a zap sign (this is when the Christian in me reared its head) and I ended up just waving my hand at her whilst saying “get over yourself lady” and moved out of her way. I didn’t even look back at her to see what her response was and watched her car drive off from my mirror. I was upset and I then reassured myself that she is a stressed, spiteful b**** who hasn’t had a shag in a while and clearly wants to drag me down with her and I started feeling better, I wasn’t going to allow her to ruin my morning drive.

I am sure many people can relate to all the idiots we encounter on the road and I know that even in some few cases I am the idiot on the road, very few cases though and I acknowledge it when I am and always mouth “sorry” to my victims. My pet peeves though are the idiots who drive slowly in the fast lane and will not budge for the more powerful cars, they need a slap upside the head.

My other peeve is when you are driving at 120km/h and then idiot overtakes you then once in front of you they brake and start driving at 100km/h or 80km/h, I just want to ram in the rear end of their car and scream “why did you overtake me loser?”

Road rage always get the better of us, even the nicest people have road rage, it brings out the evil in everyone but always ensure that you do not act on it because if you do, you will have bigger problems. I just wanted to vent after my encounter this morning because angry people like the white lady are not always worth your time and energy, don’t let them have a long-term effect on your emotions, like being upset the whole day because of that one incident. Play your favourite CD, pump up the volume and sing along, you’ll feel better in no time 😉


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