teen choice awards 2011

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Raven Simone  – How hot is she looking? Raven has lost a lot of weight but still looks very healthy, I can’t say much about her outfit and I really don’t care because this was her “I have lost weight coming out event” and that’s all that matters.

Selena Gomez – Had Selena’s dress not had the hanging white fabric, it would have been a pretty look but the white sash just confuses me and makes this dress NOT one of my favourites.

Kourtney Kardashian – The top half of Kourtney’s dress looks awesome and the bottom part of it ruins the whole dress. It reminds me of those long, flared summer skirts that you find at Woolies that double up as dress when you add a figure belt. I love the colour of her dress though.

Kim Kardashian – I love, love, love Kim’s dress. The length and feathers make it very playful and perfect for the Teen Awards. The accessories and her hair are all styled perfectly in conjunction with the dress, definitely my best dressed!

Zoe Saldana – I love Zoe Saldana and her style but this is probably the worst outfit I have seen her in, it does nothing for her frame but make her look frumpy and dowdy, the worst dressed for me.

Blake Lively- I love the shift dress on Blake, she looks gorgeous, I am just not sure about the colour, if she wanted it to be a fun colour, this was not it.

Taylor Swift – I think Taylor was channeling the infamous white Marilyn Monroe Dress all that’s missing now are the ruby-red lips and ash blonde hair. It’s very cute.

Emma Stone – I love what I can see and make out of Emma Stone’s dress and would have loved to see more. I also love how her star is rising in a gradual and positive way.

stylish Kingston

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How unbelievably and adorably stylish is Kingston Rossdale for a five-year old? It would be hard to believe that mom, Gwen Stefani still puts his outfits together because at five years old you start thinking that you can call the shots  on what to wear and always end up wearing your shoes on the wrong foot. Kingston could his start his own fashion line for kids, I know if I had kids I would buy the clothes cause he is stylin’ and swaggerlicious 🙂

breathtaking gowns

A few months ago I watched an episode of Oprah where she interviewed Vera Wang and there were some brides in the audience, Oprah then went on to give each bride-to-be a Vera Wang wedding gown of their choice, I had to hold back the tears *gulp*.  A Vera Wang gown is right up there on every bride’s wishlist but I can only dream of one, they are so beautiful, enjoy!

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