wilson phillips flashback

Wilson Phillips is an all girl music group that was famous in the early 90’s and I think my dad had their CD which I worshipped. I knew all the lyrics to all their songs and when I searched for the song on youtube yesterday I realised that I really didn’t have any idea what the songs were about at age seven and eight but they make so much sense now and I just wanted to share two of my favourite songs sung by them. The flashback was induced by the Bridesmaids movie just by the way and I still remembered some of the lyrics!!



So I was finally able to watch the movie Bridesmaids, I have been trying to watch this movie for weeks but time and opportunity just had not been on my side. I thoroughly enjoyed it although I expected it to be funnier than romantic but it does end up being more of a romcom. The movie is about these two best friends, Lillian who is engaged and asks Annie, her best friend, to be her maid of honour and Annie agrees. Lillian introduces Annie to the rest of the bridal party which also includes Helen who is the wife of Lillian’s fiancee’s boss. Helen tries by all means to replace Annie as not only the maid of honour but as Lillian’s best friend as well and that’s when all the fun begins. My favourite character was Megan, the fat bridesmaid who is Lillian’s fiancee’s sister, I love that she’s so smart and has achieved so much but has remained so foul-mouthed and entertaining.

Every girl who is getting married, is a bridesmaid or has been a bridesmaid needs to watch this movie, it is hilarious. I can totally relate to the bridesmaids politics as I am currently the maid of honour for my friend who is getting married in September, it is a tough job!