One of the gifts that I got for the fiance for his birthday was tickets to watch Dreamgirls, the musical is currently showing at the Teatro at MonteCasino. The fiance is a huge fan of the movie and owns the dvd which we have watched hundreds of times.
Anyways the musical is basically the same story as the movie except for some minor changes. The star of the show Effie White is played by Lindiwe Bungane who also won ‘Project Fame’ a few years ago and her performance is spectacular! We were very anxious of how she would perform Effie’s signature song ‘You’re gonna love me’ and she blew us away, we couldn’t believe that she has to stretch her voice that much every evening! I was also really impressed by Bjorn Blingaut who plays the role of Jimmy Early, the character is so risque and unpredictable and he portrayed him perfectly. I loved, loved all of the outfits the Dreams wore, awesome work from the wardrobe people and the choreography was also just fantastic. All round this show is just awesome, I wish I could say world-class but I haven’t been to an international theatre show so I cannot compare but it’s definitely money well spent!

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