tart at johannesburg fashion week

About 2 weeks ago I received an email from Cari Stephens, a fashion designer with a label named Tart, the email was an invitation to Johannesburg Fashion Week, which I had never attended before. I was very excited not only because of the opportunity to go to fashion week but also because my first experience was through an invitation from a designer. Cari offered me 2 tickets and I decided to take my friend Londi with me as part of her birthday present.

We had dinner before the show at Sophiatown in Newtown, the service was not that great and the food was average.  We then proceeded to the Bus Factory where the fashion show was taking place. We got our free tickets and then headed inside and we somehow ended up in the VIP section and we didn’t realize this until we started noticing the funny looks were getting and we quickly exited to go and sit with all the other plebs. We got our drinks and then were asked to do an interview for SA Tourism which was quite cool. We then took our seats and opened our goodie bags which contained underwear from Tart and some Lindt Chocolate.

Abigail Keats’ show was first and I must admit that I only liked about 2 or 3 pieces from her line. After that it was Tart, I am a big fan of Cari’s label, hence why I was invited. It’s always simple, stylish and so easy to wear. This showcase was no different and I can actually count the items that I didn’t like. And to top it off the label is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in the industry so she also made limited edition dresses written “Celebrating 10 years”. It was so pretty and I loved being there to see it. Londi and I couldn’t stay for any of the other shows because I had an early flight to Nairobi, Kenya the next morning but we enjoyed ourselves and felt like celebrities in our own right.

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