the perfect wedding dress

So being the good friend that I am (tsk tsk), I accompanied my friend Londi to the Bride & Co. Sale yesterday. She’s getting married in September and we wanted to scout the sale to see if we can find her the perfect dress.
Upon arrival we immediately started grabbing dresses that we thought were hot from the racks, halfway through this exercise one of the ladies that works at bride & co. asked us if we had a consultant helping us to which we responded “no”. She then told us that we need to fill in a registration form & then we will be assigned a consultant.

So we got that done & the consultant provided us with instant relief by allocating a change room for us and putting all the dresses we had selected in it, those dresses are super heavy!
The fitting process then started but only to discover that we are not allowed to take pictures of the dresses at all. Now obviously this did not sit well with us & we asked for an explanation, which was that ‘people will steal their designs’. Off course I think that it is silly because these dresses are advertised in wedding magazines & on their website so if you really wanted to steal a design, there’s ample opportunity!
Any ways, of all the dresses she tried on only one stood out so we then did a second round of searching and narrowed the best dresses down to three.. And then the elimination process now included the cost of the dresses which left us with two. She then tried on the last two dresses at least three times each before we made the final decision to which we all finally breathed a sigh of relief! The consultant then presented us with a complimentary veil & tiara and altogether it was perfect.
I really loved how simple, easy & quick it was.
Can’t wait til her wedding day!

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