no boys allowed

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So I finally bought Keri Hilson’s new album called ‘No Boys Allowed’ with the hit single “pretty girl rock”.. I am not going to beat about the bush, what a disappointment 😦
Other than track no. 2 – “the way you love me” I struggled to attach myself to any other song on the album. And even then track 2 sounded very much like a song that Beyonce could have done ten times better. I was initially also very excited to see that one of the songs featured Chris Brown and this is largely because I still love their last collaboration “Superhuman”… *sigh* what a waste of studio time… the song sounds like 90’s rendition of old school r&b, not that I don’t love old school, but I just expected ‘more’ from their union.. She also features Nelly in one of her songs which is also a lukewarm attempt to save the album.
I love Keri Hilson and also have her first album & I truly believe that it was way better than this second one. I would have much rather she included all the songs she’s been featured on in the last few months, it would have at least been worth the buy.

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