hazardous white fashion crimes..

Growing up we all make some fundamental fashion mistakes and sometimes we are not entirely to blame as our parents especially mothers also play a major role in our fashion sense and choices but the point is that we learn from those mistakes and dress better as we get older.

My matric dance dress was pink with white trimmings so I wore white shoes (mom & dad played a huge role in this choice of colour), it’s not a look that I regret as I still believe I looked awesome but post that white shoes have just never sat right with me. It’s not all white shoes though, any type of white sneaker looks great & white pumps can also be worn with the right outfit, but any white shoe that falls outside these categories is a no-no! Some irk me more than others and those are white high heels, stiletto’s & formal white shoes for guys, they are just never flattering for the outfit or the look. There are very few looks or outfits that can be pulled off with white shoes (by very few people) which is why they are such a hazard for me because not everyone pulls off those few looks or outfits and 9 out of 10 times it is a disaster! My biggest pet peeve is any guy who does NOT have a body like David Beckhams yet decides to wear a white suit on their wedding day, yuck! White suits paired with white formal shoes are not for everyone guys and for pictures that will last a lifetime it’s really not worth committing a fashion crime 😦

Anyways this “white shoe” venting was brought about by the realization that I do not own a white bra and quite frankly I am not keen on buying one, I am really struggling with the idea. My frustration with white items seems to be getting out of hand if I cannot walk into a shop and purchase one that is a necessity. I am admitting now that I have a problem as I really need a white bra and am currently devising a plan as to how to get it.. It may include a loving fiance picking it out and paying for it for me, which will require some heavy duty begging & pleading but am sure it will be worth it.. Will keep you guys updated 😉

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