For date night last week, the beau and I went to Allora for the first time. They are located in the 24 Central Area in Sandton, next to News Cafe and Taboo night club. I am definately going back there for the following reasons:

  •  delicious food – they are not stingy with their portions which guarantees a doggy bag and lunch for the next day, their pasta dishes are delicious and the range of the food on the menu really does leave you baffled on what to choose
  • relaxed ambiance 
  • awesome service – I am a fussy eater and the waiter was more than willing to explore various different ways in which I wanted my food, he also didn’t make his presence felt around us but was always available when we needed him. We were also greeted at the door by the manager and he was more than willing to allow us to change the tables we were sitting at, i was all smiles!
  • accomodating – whther you’re out with friends, boyfriend, family, they will accommodate you
  • please check out their website below for further details. 

Fashion Evolution of the Gossip Girl Ladies

I am so totally in love with Gossip Girl, yes like years later! Anyways I was just checking out the fashion evolution of the stars of Gossip Girl from before the TV show started and post the TV show. All I can say is GG came along and helped these girls become the fashionista’s whose clothes we lust after today.

PS: Looks like Taylor Momsen is still going through the evolution!